O-Breko Slow Masticating Juicer


Juicing is never easy as we think.But O- Breko masticating juicer is highest quality best juicer in the market. This machine has 200 Watt motor and give auger at 65 RPM. On this Slow speed auger get every drop of juice from the fruit or other foods.Because low RPM juicer generates very low heat and it was negligible. So that was plus point of this best slow juicer for save the nutrient value of the juice.You can keep juice make by
his up to 72 hours. That was great time.Every part of this best slow juicer are BPA free.So its saying that you and your family safe. By going to noise level of this juicer it has 65 dB.

best slow juicer


This best masticating juicer has two spouts and two container for collect pulp and juice separately. So its easier than some other products. You can easily collect pulp and throw it away.

You can use this best slow juice for make juice by vegetable or fruits. Also you can make juice by using leafy foods like spinach ,kale or etc. You can insert fruit or other foods easily. This best slow juicer has feature of reverse control for preventing the overloading of foods.


Looking at the design of the product which has design and manufactured by using high quality materials. So its easy to use. Dimension of the best slow juicer is 16.4 Length x 7.7 Width x 6.7″ Height. Its weight is 11 pounds.

Assembling of this best juicer is really easy and you can De-assemble quickly.Once you use this to make the juice then you can easily clean it.

Pros :

  • Smooth processing mechanism
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use and cleaning
  • FDA Certified
  • Easy to Assemble and De-Assemble
  • Eco Friendly

Cons :

  • If use it 15 minutes then it may come some overheat condition